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Vickie is a singer-songwriter, speaker, facilitator and author. In addition to her music and speaking at conferences, she facilitates sessions in staff retreats and workshops. She is a certified trainer of Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors, as well as a certified facilitator. 
You will enjoy and benefit from the interviews with guests on the show who bring a variety of perspectives and applicable insights. Focus areas include change management, leadership, team dynamics, communications, entrepreneurship, and more.

Aug 20, 2019

You may have heard of voice search, or use of voice-activated assistants such as Alexa which is the assistant for the Amazon Echo smart speaker. There is also the Google Home Assistant or Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, and other others.

You may have also heard the older phrase of "voice attendants." As people gravitate towards voice for search, it has brought about a marketing niche that is often referred to as voice search marketing. 

Voice has been referred to as the next big thing. The data is showing that it IS the big thing we need to be preparing for in business and marketing of our products and services.

Here are the topics addressed by host, Vickie Maris, in Episode 10 of Agile Digital Business:

2:24 Voice is the next big thing

2:38 Statistics on smart speakers, and basics of voice in blog posts available at

3:12 Reference to llama training and the teenage students' uses of voice-activated assistants

4:17 Should B2B businesses leverage the use of voice?

4:50 Voice search or keyboard and screen search?

5:28 Can the media find your company in voice search?

6:03 Vickie's prediction about SEO and on-screen searches

6:23 Attending Podcast Movement 2019 in Orlando, Florida

6:48 "Voice" panel discussion at Podcast Movement 2019

7:42 Alexa Skills and Google Actions

8:06 Voice search marketing and voice search

8:16 Talk given on smart speakers and voice search marketing by Vickie Maris at the Social Media and Digital Marketing Institute, Minneapolis, MN

9:02 Updating digital content so that it appears in results

10:06 Request that you grab a screenshot of this episode and share the episode in your favorite social media channels

10:54 Definitions of voice search and voice-activated assistants as well as voice search marketing

11:56 Interest in marketing of a book was what led Vickie Maris to explore and learn about voice search marketing

12:18 Publishing a book in digital (ebook for Kindle), paperback and audiobook format

12:42 ACX and Audible (This is Vickie's referral/affiliate link to Audible. You can use it if you would like to try out Audible for listening to audiobooks. The URL below for Self-Publishing School, which Vickie Maris participated in online in 2018, is also an affiliate link.)

12:55 Self-Publishing School

13:04 Pew Research data on audiobook consumption

14:19 Recommendation to listen to Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn; Episode 437; 9 Ways That Artificial Intelligence Will Disrupt Authors and the Publishing Industry

16:44 Voice-first mode of using a smart speaker

17:37 Position zero in search results

18:33 Listening to voice of our customers

18:53 Adjustments to improve function of website and web content

20:22 Poll on Patreon account about possibility of homework assignments in future episodes of Agile Digital Business to prepare for upward trends in voice search

22:00 Email your ideas for upcoming episodes in Season 2 of Agile Digital Business to agiledigitalbusiness @ gmail dot com 

22:26 Quote about leaders from E.J. Smith

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