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Agile Digital Business

Glean applicable ideas from Agile Digital Business as your host, Vickie Maris, explores the topics of leadership, personal development, team development and team communications.
Vickie is a singer-songwriter, speaker, facilitator and author. In addition to her music and speaking at conferences, she facilitates sessions in staff retreats and workshops. She is a certified trainer of Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors, as well as a certified facilitator. 
You will enjoy and benefit from the interviews with guests on the show who bring a variety of perspectives and applicable insights. Focus areas include change management, leadership, team dynamics, communications, entrepreneurship, and more.

Nov 12, 2019

Ali El-Ammori of A-1 Telecom shares a conference takeaway in Episode 19 of Agile Digital Business. Podcast host, Vickie Maris, recently gave a presentation on businesses preparing for voice search. Ali was participating in an executive education program when he was a part of the discussion on ways business can be preparing for voice and integrating voice portals in to their customer interfaces.  

While he was participating in the event, he was also sending information back to his team so they could make adjustments to plans in order to better align for voice search, and customer uses of video in the path to a purchase.

This episode is a preview of an upcoming interview with Ali El-Ammori, for a future episode of the show. 

If you have questions that you would like for Ali or Vickie to address in the upcoming episode, please send an email to agiledigitalbusiness @ gmail dot com.



Host of Agile Digital Business - Vickie Maris, author, speaker, idea coach and digital marketer helping businesses prepare for voice first searches