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Agile Digital Business

Glean applicable ideas from Agile Digital Business as your host, Vickie Maris, explores the topics of leadership, personal development, team development and team communications.
Vickie is a singer-songwriter, speaker, facilitator and author. In addition to her music and speaking at conferences, she facilitates sessions in staff retreats and workshops. She is a certified trainer of Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors, as well as a certified facilitator. 
You will enjoy and benefit from the interviews with guests on the show who bring a variety of perspectives and applicable insights. Focus areas include change management, leadership, team dynamics, communications, entrepreneurship, and more.

Oct 5, 2019

As I was preparing for the talk I gave last week about voice search and the shifts in how our customers are seeking information about our products and services, I created a document of bonus content. It included references to several interesting marketing statistics and trends and a few points mentioned by other presenters during the 2 1/2-day module, Leading the Strategic Enterprise.

As a news brief, I've recorded part of the bonus content here for you in Episode 15 of Agile Digital Business. This episode is 6:30 minutes in length.

Here are the time codes and themes of the episode:

0:34 Introduction to this brief, news episode that features part of the content that I shared with students at the end of my session last week as bonus content. I was teaching about voice search and preparing our businesses for the digital realm. 

:49 Mention of the book by Mark W. Schaefer, Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins

1:02 Reference to Episode 12 of the podcast where I provide a short commentary about Mark's book, Marketing Rebellion.

1:33 Maintain a customer focus

1:43 Insight from Jagdish Sheth who was a guest on Episode 190 of the Marketing Book Podcast, hosted by Douglas Burdett.

1:59 I mention the book, The 4 As of Marketing by Jagdish Sheth and Rajendra Sisodia. The 4As are Acceptability, Affordability, Accessibility and Awareness. Douglas Burdett and Jagdish Sheth talk about the 4As and how they differ from the 4 Ps - product, place, promotion and price. There was discussion about how the 4Ps can sometimes be internally focused.

2:30 Jagdish mentions the trend of having a marketing officer report in to a finance position. He talks about the differences when a CMO reports in to the CEO.

3:11 Another section of the Bonus Content is about the question of "who is in charge of our digital footprint?"

3:23 "Digital disrespects departments," according to international consultant and instructor, Taru Jain, CEO of Futuremarketer. He teaches in the Digital Marketing Certificate program offered by Rutgers University. He regularly posts interesting content on digital marketing and future trends in LinkedIn. I suggest that you follow him in the social media platform to keep up with the news he is sharing on a regular basis. 

3:59 Joe Urbany, professor of marketing at the University of Notre Dame, taught in a professional development session for executives last week at the university. He shared information from research by Whitler, Krause and Lehmann on the percentages of people on boards of directors with marketing experience. (the average was 2.6 percent). Whitler, Krause and Lehmann research in 2015, shows that including a person with marketing experience on the board can create positive impact on shareholder value.

4:46 I share insights from Marcus Sheridan whom I have heard speak on several occasions at Social Media Marketing World Conference. 

5:15 Mention of the predictions that video along the pathway to purchase for 80 percent of the purchasing decisions in 2019. 

5:27 He suggests that we have a video available for each of the 7 questions that our customers ask most frequently about our products or services. He also recommends that we take the 7 videos and mesh them together for an "80% video," which is a video that answers the questions that are getting asked 80% of the time. 

6:11 Thank you for listening to Agile Digital Business podcast, with host, Vickie Maris.

6:18 Let's go out and teach, inspire and connect!

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