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Agile Digital Business

Glean applicable ideas from Agile Digital Business as your host, Vickie Maris, explores the topics of leadership, personal development, team development and team communications.
Vickie is a singer-songwriter, speaker, facilitator and author. In addition to her music and speaking at conferences, she facilitates sessions in staff retreats and workshops. She is a certified trainer of Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors, as well as a certified facilitator. 
You will enjoy and benefit from the interviews with guests on the show who bring a variety of perspectives and applicable insights. Focus areas include change management, leadership, team dynamics, communications, entrepreneurship, and more.

Oct 17, 2019

Show notes and time codes for Episode 16 of Agile Digital Business

Season 2 is about the voice platform, voice first, and voice search marketing.


:03 This is Part 2 of the bonus content shared during the session by Vickie Maris on voice first and voice search in the module, Leading the Strategic Enterprise. Business leaders were studying design thinking ethics, marketing, and were introduced to voice search, voice first, and thoughts about how voice search marketing can be a part of the digital marketing strategy.

:26 Introduction to the show.

:40 Welcome to Episode 16 of Agile Digital Business with host, Vickie Maris.

:51 Points from a blog post at the website. I highly recommend reading this article. Here's the location:

1:01 A summary of the quote in the blog at Gartner stats about early adopter brands ... the data predicts that businesses that redesign their websites to support visual and voice search by 2021 can increase revenue from digital commerce by as much as 30 percent.

1:33 This is a section about being strategic about your company's sonic branding. Word choice, tonal inflection and expression are playing a role in your brand's persona.

2:21 I am a fan of all things voice: podcasting, use of smart speakers, audiobooks!

2:28 In my work as an author, it's part of my strategy to make sure that I narrate each of my books to have them available in audiobook format at Amazon, Audible and other places where you can download audiobooks.

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For your free trial of Audible, and the option of using your free book credit on my latest book, follow this URL (I'm an affiliate for Audible):

2:44 I describe the audience persona for this podcast, Agile Digital Business

3:24 Sharing content in the podcast that aligns with what you are interested in learning for your business success.

4:16 You can send in your ideas for future episode topics by 

4:36 To become a supporter of the show and to get access to the once-a-month Q&A episode that I will be posting in my community out at Patreon, please visit my Patreon account,

4:48 Introduction of Part 2 of the bonus content shared with participants of Certificate in Executive Management in the module, Leading the Strategic Enterprise.

5:30 Reminder to listen to Part 1 of the Bonus Content which I have included in the podcast. It is episode 15 of Agile Digital Business. We left off with the information that Marcus Sheridan shares about creating the "80 percent video" for your business.

5:55 I provide examples of brand evangelists. The first one mentioned is Guy Kawasaki who is with Canva and Mercedes Benz, USA.

6:15 My second example of a brand evangelist is Brielle Nickoloff who is with Witlingo. You can hear my interview with Brielle in Episode 14, "Importance of a voice portal on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant."

6:52 Discussion about the value to a company when one or more of its employees are developing a personal brand as they evangelize for your organization.

7:17 An idea: Rather than recruiting for a brand evangelist, why not hire a customer who is already serving in that capacity?

8:17 "As we are in this season of voice, it seems like a really great fit to have someone on your team who is in that role of brand evangelist." Vickie Maris

8:52 In the section on personal brands: "As you develop your own personal brand, and you lean in to your area of expertise, you can create content that your marketing team can use as they are promoting. They can link to it; they can make reference to it in other articles; they can use it all throughout the social media channels. It's a really impactful way to develop authority in a vertical niche." Vickie Maris

9:18 Consider the example of a CEO who is also writing a blog on a regular basis about their own area of interest and expertise. Or, maybe you can think of a person on the team who has their own podcast; or it could be a person who is sharing expertise in a personally-branded YouTube channel.

9:45 "Consider what type of content you can drive. What can you contribute for your organization that no one else knows?" Vickie Maris

9:54 "You might seek out a publication or two that you can label as your 'goal publications,' such as writing an article for Forbes or a guest post on a blog that is aligned with your expertise." Or you could seek to be a guest on a podcast.

10:17 "Now that Google is transcribing podcasts and indexing them at the individual episode level, every time that you add content in a podcast in your area of expertise, you're making it easier for your organization to be found upon search." Vickie Maris

10:36 "An increasing percentage of searches that I like to think of as the 'I'll just Google it' type of screen searches, is moving over to voice search - Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, Alexa, others." Vickie Maris

10:56 "Is your content represented at the top of search in those voice queries?" Vickie Maris


Reminder: Part 1 of the Bonus content from my session during Leading the Strategic Enterprise is Episode 15.

And, my conversation with Brielle Nickoloff is Episode 14 of the show. 

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Vickie Maris
Author, speaker, digital marketer studying voice first, and idea coach

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Final section of bonus content from the talk given at the University of Notre Dame in the Certificate in Executive Management on voice search and how it can fit in an overall marketing strategy

A recent blog post that shares the Basics of Voice

Garnter has gone on record as stating that by 2021, early adopter brands that redesign their websites to support visual and voice search will increase digital commerce revenue by 30%


Another section that stood out to me is the thought about your organization’s sonic branding. How your brand sounds can be critical in building your customer relationships. According to the article, word choice, tonal expression, and inflection all are playing a role in your brand’s persona. I would love to hear from you about how your company or organization is giving thought to your sonic brand and steps you’re taking to develop its persona to align with the persona of your target audience. When I think of you, my listener, I picture the participants of the executive education sessions I’ve taught at the university or the people I’ve spoken to after I’ve given a talk at a conference. My thought is that if you’ve been fascinated enough with something I’ve shared, to stop by to visit with me about it, then you just very well might be in my podcast listening audience. I would love to hear from you! You can send me an email at or you can leave me a voice message


Same ending as previous episode.