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Agile Digital Business | Season 3

Glean ideas from Agile Digital Business to incorporate in to your marketing strategies as you better prepare your business for your customers' uses of voice search. We're exploring voice assistants, social media engagement and other technologies to help you engage effectively with your customers and stakeholders.
We need to be meeting customers in their moment of inquiry - whether that be through voice search or other forms of search. My goals for Agile Digital Business include connecting you with relevant resources and experts in voice first, voice search, digital assistants, business innovation, marketing, digital transition of content, social media engagement, and design of online learning experiences.
Vickie Maris
MS Ed, author, speaker, digital marketer / voice platform evangelist, and idea coach

Dec 29, 2016

You can join other entrepreneurs and business owners in the Youpreneur community hosted by Chris Ducker. In this episode, I share a very unscripted perspective of life as a Youpreneur, and the support that comes from being an engaged member of the community. 

Previously, the site was only opened to new members a few times a year, but it is now open throughout the year.

If you're an entrepreneur who is building a personal brand, running a small business, or you're dreaming of doing either of those things in the future, you will want to take a peek in to this community.

This podcast, now rebranded to Agile Digital Business, (formerly Online Course Connections), has come to be, in part, because of the support and accountability I've gained from my engagement in the Youpreneur community both online and offline.

Thanks for listening to the show and for sharing this episode in your social media channels with your friends and followers. The links to Youpreneur in this post are my affiliate link provided by Chris Ducker and his team.

Hope to see you inside the Youpreneur community if you're not already there!

Take care,