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Welcome in to Agile Digital Business. If we haven't met in person, please consider this a virtual handshake! I'm glad you are here, and sure hope you are fired up about uses of digital technologies in our content marketing to meet customers in their point of inquiry and need.
I am Vickie Maris, author, speaker, digital marketer and idea coach. I’ve recently rebranded the show from Online Course Connections to Agile Digital Business.
You will find ideas here to incorporate in to your marketing strategies to better utilize digital technologies and social media in your communications with customers. My goals include connecting you with relevant resources and experts in business innovation, marketing, digital transition, social media engagement, and online course content creation.
At the University of Notre Dame, I am currently responsible for marketing and sales of several programs in leadership, management and a certificate in business analytics. I also teach in a couple of these programs, sharing insights and trends in voice search marketing, digital engagement and leadership of your digital marketing team.  
When I'm not podcasting or interacting with customers of the university, I am playing music or enjoying our llama and pony farm. I play acoustic guitar and accordion and sing in the band, Scott Greeson and Trouble With Monday. Scott is my hubby. We delight in life on our farm with 2 Connemara ponies, llamas, rabbits, and a kitty.

Dec 29, 2016

Melissa A. Venable, PhD, and Jon Ernstberger, PhD, co-presented during the 2016 OLC Accelerate Conference on their experience using Periscope as a platform for their Higher Ed Scope podcast. Sit in on a conversation I have with them in Orlando at the conference. 
Melissa is the education editor with the Center for Online Education at and faculty in instructional design at St. Leo University and University of South Florida.
Here is a July 2019 article Melissa wrote for Best Colleges. It is titled, "Take My Advice: Lessons Learned from Online College Students," by Melissa Venable, PhD. 
Jon is the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Mathematics at LaGrange College in Georgia. At the time of the interview for the podcast, he was the Director of Online Instruction. 
Here is a link to the replay of Episode 3 of Higher Ed Scope, "Declutter Your Online Course." 
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[Episode revised Aug. 2, 2019]

Melissa Venable
two and a half years ago

Thank you, Vickie! It was a pleasure meeting you at OLC, and I really appreciate you capturing the work Jon and I did with Periscope as part of your broadcast.