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Agile Digital Business | Season 3

Glean ideas from Agile Digital Business to incorporate in to your marketing strategies as you better prepare your business for your customers' uses of voice search. We're exploring voice assistants, social media engagement and other technologies to help you engage effectively with your customers and stakeholders.
We need to be meeting customers in their moment of inquiry - whether that be through voice search or other forms of search. My goals for Agile Digital Business include connecting you with relevant resources and experts in voice first, voice search, digital assistants, business innovation, marketing, digital transition of content, social media engagement, and design of online learning experiences.
Vickie Maris
MS Ed, author, speaker, digital marketer / voice platform evangelist, and idea coach

Dec 15, 2016

Here are three approaches to developing content for an online course platform such as Udemy. 

I describe techniques I have used including:

Creating an online course around a topic in which you have a high level of expertise and passion.

Invite a content expert(s) to join you in developing a course. This person could also serve in an on-camera role for course videos.

Journal your experience in learning a subject, and then create course content from your notes and experiences.

These techniques are ones I've used in courses I've created at the university as well as in my courses on Udemy and other platforms.